Here are the bands I´m playing with

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Black River Jazzband
Düsseldorfer Banjo Club

The sound files in MP3 format contain the complete songs. Depending on your connection speed it may take a while to download.

Die Sounddateien im MP3-Format enthalten die kompletten Titel. Abhängig von der Internetverbindung (Modem/ISDN/DSL) kann der Download länger dauern.

Steamboat Stomp (2.86 MB)

Angry(3.77 MB)

Jim´s Picking (2.03 MB) Am I Blue (4.57 MB)
Do You Know What It Means (4.64 MB) American Minstrel Medley (2.73 MB)
Melancholy (2.91 MB) Darktown Strutters Ball (2.32 MB)
My Blue Heaven (3.61 MB) Waiting for Robert E. Lee (2.90 MB)
Papa Dip (2.84 MB) Alabamy Bound (2,75 MB)
When It´s Sleepy Time Down South (1.89 MB) Basin Street Blues (3,94 MB)
Jazz Lips (3.27 MB) My Blue Heaven (2,47 MB)
Cherry (3.44 MB) Wien bleibt Wien (2,22 MB)
Georgia Bo Bo (3.07 MB) China Boy (2,64 MB)
Absent Minded Blues (3.56 MB) Dinah (2,85)
Buddy´s Habits (3.79 MB) Avalon (3,72 MB)
When You Wore A Tulip (4.46 MB) Running Wild (3,61 MB)